SHAVING CREAM SAGA By Lilian Wanjere So am this type of cousin if you just tell your parents you are visiting me they just allow you to even when it’s a lie. For instance a cousin of mine decided enough is enough with shagz weekend. Am blazing in the office when a call comes in and am tempted to snob it. “Moh Sasa, nimeshow mum am coming to your place for a hike tomorrow at Karura forest. Just incase she calls you know what to do!” and she hungs up like that. I start laughing uncontrollably and quickly text her … Continue reading SHAVING CREAM SAGA


  By lilian wanjere   Last night  I couldn’t help  but look at a kid so seriously looking for something he had misplaced in the dark. I asked him what was up and he said he was looking for a hundred bob note. I felt pity as I realized the screaming that would be starting in the next 5 minutes. With all the darkness and wind, that note will be hard to find.  I was even tempted to give him my own but, naah he needs a tale to share when he grows up. Try losing an African mum’s  money … Continue reading CULTURE  :AFRICAN MOM TOUGH LOVE


  By lilian wanjere   It could be the story of my life but then nope! I don’t want to feel too exposed but then, I want to voice out.  Visiting my therapist this time round won’t help. I just don’t understand how you take your distress to another human, they listen to you and suddenly you are okay. Does a therapist go to a fellow therapist? Or do they just write a black book with all the secrets we tell them? Last weekend, we were off to a spur with my friends after one of a hell week at … Continue reading EXPOSY ;MY MEMOIR


THE KENYAN WEDDING TANTRUMS The Kenyan way of doing weddings is really interesting. For once the budgeting has to include invited and non invited guests. There’s this friend of a friend of a friend that you don’t know and they all gonna pop up and dance on the D-day and worse of all steal the moment. May be you decide to settle for a wedding back to your roots. So you already know mama nani will provide the sufurias and the women group will deal with the cooking. You know how they all want to changia and the way you … Continue reading THE KENYAN WEDDING TANTRUMS


So my friends and I share a birthday month and we are so economical that we only do a group birthday. Si last weekend we decided to pop out in style for the party. Unfortunately for me job really piled up to an extent I left the office late. I didn’t have time to change so I went direct to Thika. Of course in mind I had planned to “borrow ” my pal’s favourite top. She must have been aware as on landing on Thika she was already at Club X. No clothes stealing! So me and my scarfy neck … Continue reading NIMO’S TALE 1: BIRTHDAY GONE SOUTH


TALE 6 : Yes I have been silent for a while. Its that self moment meeting I was having for four days. I still can’t seem to agree with myself on certain things. for instance weekends can be really tricky. At times its like someone blows the “lets go and drink” trumpet for Kenyans. So my first meeting was held in a club but that was for the first 15 minutes before Johnte came bluffing about his young engineer who is still renovating things. “Can you imagine he opened up the iron, plucked things out and fixed it back. Lakini … Continue reading ESCAPING SELF MEETINGS.


SLAY KING TALE 5: Getting to work early even in the so thick traffic is every Nairobians `gold belt. To achieve this you just need to wake up late and get on time or early and get in late. In short there is always no way out. For instance I will leave my place at 7:30 a.m and make it by 8:15a.m. I leave at 7a.m, will still get in at the same time or even later. So Tim chochas me that he knows panya roots out of the traffic. Like a good kid I follow his directions of finger … Continue reading KENYAN POOR DIRECTION GIVING!


SLAY KING TALE 4.. : I know you are probably bored by me mentioning my blessings. I aint bragging, its just a lifestyle. So jana my Rover decided I should slide my way to town on top of banana peels or generally use gravity and leave it down the hilly UpperHill. I decide to beep uber but unfortunately the nearest is in Thika. Thats far according to me. I don’t why I end up having women as my neighbors but its okay. Though this one is a single mom. She offers me a ride to town and well, its that … Continue reading SALUTE TO ALL THE WOMEN