You all know Nimo that girl I lost on Thika highway but not until I went her at a Mugithi night at Banana. Its still vivid how she walked in to that club looking all saucy. Her hips sway this and that way as she tried to fold in that 10 $ hair of hers. I am not saying she is cheap, but I think something has changed. By the way I moved out of that neighbourhood. Now this club is wazees club and looking around and spot three to four in to 20s aged women. So hapa you know … Continue reading KARMA IS NOT A BITCH BUT MY FAVOURITE GIRL. :SLAY KING TALE 2


Every far off look from meHas a thought of you running across my mind,Untamed heartbeats,Threatening to burst out with emotions,Imaginations,Moments so hard to erase,Its what am left with. Time heals, they say,What if time could be reversed,The sun adjusted ,The moon and stars just held there?Time doesn’t heal,Its all in the head,For the when the heart is sick ,Time is slow. Lilian wanjere™2018© Continue reading HEART SICKNESS


HOW I LOST NIMO…. I really hit my clean shave bottle really hard to get the last drops of it. The problem with this shave is it never leaves my chin smooth like it does on tv. This is after my every morning debate of whether one is supposed to take breakfast before showering or after . Its tragic at times as I end up brushing my teeth before the breakfast and all I can do is look at it. This Wairimu lady just moved in next door and I really want her attention and wait for her to lock … Continue reading HOW I LOST NIMO


I washed my face for the third time that morning. This time round I could look at myself at the mirror with no guilt. I didn’t even feel like scrubbing every part of me, nooo, I was easy. I wasn’t going to take chances this round. He would never known.Martin turned when I got next to him and smiled. “Morning beautiful, where to this early?”I just smiled at him and lay in his arms again. I was sure about one thing, this was not going to last. I had told bae I was sleeping over at Annie’s and he didn’t … Continue reading HOW CHEATING STARTS…


Loving wasn’t just a choice, It was something big, Evolving love, I can’t control how my heart skips at the thought of you. Seeing you happy everyday by my side is my wish , Making a future with you is my dream, If I ever hurt or tease you, Its just the other side of the angry you I miss , At times its so intentionally, For thats where the strongest love lies. You are my world, I don’t like babies but the thought of having them with you is overwhelming, Little yous around us , Just lovely. My love … Continue reading CHOICES YOU INFLUENCE


HER STORY…(A TRUE LIFE STORY) The joy and eager she heard to finally join campus was that of a little kid waiting for mama to bring him the toy she promised. She kept packing and unpacking bubbling all up. As adviced by her childhood friend who had joined campus earlier, she just packed best of her sunday bests and one blue hand bag that would later be stolen. See, she had a boyfriend in campus all her highschool and the stories he gave her during holidays was just what she wanted to experience. Josh, the boyfriend, always had very big … Continue reading TIME TO FIGHT CAMPUS SEXUAL ASSAULT…


BY : Lilian Wanjere There are countries in the world you never will hear scandals within the people’s representative. This are the most serious members and likely to be very old . Come in to Kenya and the first thing you here (today) is the nude pics saga. Mp, Adan stands in a parliamentary session and reports of nude photos been spread among the mps. This is supported by Junnet another member claiming this photos are putting at risk their marriages. A question arises of how many mps are cyber bullied using only this method. Then there’s the handshake between … Continue reading A SERIES OF KENYAN MPS` DRAMA IN PARLIAMENT


HOW KENYAN DOCTORS ARE MAKING QUICK MONEY BESIDES KNH SCANDAL! By LILIAN WANJERE People make money in different ways with extent of unimaginable things. Over the weekend I met a more interesting thing than the “TINDER ” dating app. I was all tired with the usual Awal claim of “Your eyes are swollen again!” Situation. Its late in the afternoon and all I need are movies to keep me going. So I stop over at this beauty place to have my nails done and they all notice am unwell. “You know if you faint here I will directly take you … Continue reading HOW KENYAN DOCTORS ARE MAKING QUICK MONEY BESIDES KNH SCANDAL!

Dear future Daughter,

Dear future Daughter, See my daughter, Life has its turns n toils, A look at your life graph monitor , will keep you off terrain that hurt, Thorns that left you bleeding, Weeds that ruined your clothes, Made you scratch your skin. See,love life aint easy my daughter, Thats your dad there, He can’t tell you what made us survive in love this far, Its women always in charge, If it breaks, You either wanted it to happen or made it happen. My daughter, I don’t mean if it fails you are the failure, No, you dated a failing man, … Continue reading Dear future Daughter,


MAN HARDER TO UNDERSTAND ​ I keep gazing at my nail tips, Then suddenly am chewing them, am not hungry definitely, But deep in thought, Who said women are hard to understand? Who created that ladder ? Its okay, But men are harder to understand. Today he wants you, he is jealous of every source of your smiling that aint him, Acts all am good even when its not, Drags you along the streets for everyone to see you are his, Then suddenly, Same street he breaks your heart . I aint dating the public, Its you my man, my … Continue reading MAN HARDER TO UNDERSTAND